Crane Barge


Cooper IV, 14.4m crane barge and rig designed to be fully transportable and to suit all applications for specialist maritime barge hire and waterfront cartage activities.

Cooper IV is purpose built and designed with the latest equipment to offer a broader range of barge hire services in Pittwater and across Broken Bay.

Barge specifications and hire services include:.

Heavy Vehicle Transport

  • LOA 14.4m x W 7.2m x H 1.5m
  • Heavy plate steel hulls
  • Roll on/off heavy vehicle transport with 7m access ramps
  • Can transport vehicles up to 25 ton and loads to 40 ton
  • 4 point anchoring system to ensure stability
  • Shallow water access for offloading on site

Marine Crane

  • 8 ton knuckle boom (Fassi F295RAFM.2.26)
  • Capacity to lift 1.2 ton @ 16.7m

Specialist Barge Operations

  • Centre hull access, 800mm wide, for drilling rigs
  • Mast lifts up to 23m off the water @ 3.5 ton
  • Tree lopping – waterfront access for truck & mulcher
  • Cement trucks
  • Cartage for construction materials
  • Dry water operations
  • Demolition
  • Salvage

Specialist Barge Hire

  • Includes plant and licenced operator
  • Available short, medium or long term
  • Long term hire for building sites

Transportable Crane Barge

  • Can separate for transport into 2 components -LOA 14.4m x W 3.6m x H 1.5m
  • Barges and all equipment can be transported on 3 x extended semi trailers