Pile Driving Barge


Cooper II, 16m pile driving barge and rig designed to be fully transportable and to suit all applications for waterfront construction and maritime structure maintenance.

Cooper II is purpose built and designed with modern equipment, including a 6 tonne knuckle boom crane and 15m pile driving tower. Custom built to ensure for the reliable and efficient delivery of services to our clients.

Pile Driving Barge

  • LOA 16.2m x W 7.0m x H 1.8m
  • Heavy plate steel hulls

Marine Crane

  • 6 ton knuckle boom (Fassi F215AFM.2.25)
  • 15m reach @ 1 ton

Adjustable Tower

  • 2 x hydraulic rams for rake of tower
  • 1.65 ton drop hammer
  • 16m H above water line, 15.3m above deck
  • Can be lowered for passage under bridges

Head Drill Unit

  • Drill unit 7 cylinder (Staffa)
  • 15m drill string
  • All sizes of universal augers

Hydraulic Winch Package

  • 1 x 7 ton lifting winch for tower
  • 1 x 4 ton hammer winch
  • 4 x 2 ton anchor winches

Piling Capabilities

  • Installation by hammering, drilling, water jetting & screwing
  • Pile diameters 200mm to 900mm
  • Variety of pile materials including:
    — Turpentine & treated hardwood marine piles
    — Steel piles sleeved with HDPE plastic tube
    — Concrete marine piles
  • Pile Wrapping

Transportable Barge

  • LOA 16.2m x W 7.0m x H 1.8m
  • Can separate for transport into 2 components of LOA 16.2m x W 3.2m x H 1.8m
  • Barges and all equipment can be transported on 3 x extended semi trailers